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You Are Courageous!

I took the week off from my blog last week because I was moving. This was the culmination of big changes that I initiated in my life months and months ago. I’ll admit, at first it was scary. But, making these changes was a true example of taking my yoga...

Wishes for the New Year

I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me what the new year will bring. I can only live in this moment. And then the next moment. And then the moment after that. I can only work and trust so that I create a new year that brings me joy in each...

Beyond the Holidays

I’m coming to you two days after the winter solstice. We have just emerged from the shortest days and longest nights. Now, the days will be longer again. It is ever shifting as the earth moves a little bit each day. I am reminded that the balance...
What Do You Want To Welcome In?

What Do You Want To Welcome In?

This week, we are continuing our end of year rituals to help us move from last year into the new year. First, we looked back at the year and all of the things that went right for us. Then, we looked at all of the things we wanted to let go of from 2021. Now,...

Grateful For Your Friendship

Grateful For Your Friendship

My dear friend. I am so grateful for you. I was listening to a talk by meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein the other day called “The Kind Heart” and it really inspired me. In it, he talked about his Lovingkindness practice - a beautiful meditation...

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