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Lift Yourself Up

Today, in light of tragic events this week, I am feeling like this Memorial Day there is so much to remember. When things weigh heavy on your heart, it can be hard for you to remember to take care of yourself. So, this Memorial Day Weekend, I have one small...

Resources For Your Mental HEALTH

Being a Trauma Informed Yoga teacher, I am very aware of how important Mental HEALTH is. Yoga helped me work through my own trauma, and I have even come to call it my own personal anti-depressant. Through the process of working through my trauma, I...

Find Self-Love Through The Breath

I taught my first in person yoga class since Covid started two years ago this week. It was a restorative class and reminded me how important the breath is in cultivating love for oneself. We need oxygen to live, so we must continue to breathe every day....

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Allow me to guide you through self-care practices that help alleviate your trauma, stress, and anxiety. 

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