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The Power Went Out! What Now?

This morning, as I was getting ready to write this blog post, an unexpected thing happened. The power went out. And then, the internet went out. I paused and thought, what now? I have work to do. After a moment of contemplation, I decided that the universe gave...

What is your SELF Saying?

It is a new year and I like to begin the new year with a practice of self-study, or Svadhyaya in Sanskrit. “The person practicing svadhyaya reads his own book of life, at the same time that he writes and revises it.”- BKS Iyengar in Light on Yoga Doing...

Find Calm in the (holiday) Chaos

I’ve noticed that this holiday season seems extra busy to me this year. I am doing a lot more than I have done in a while. How about you? No matter if you celebrate all, some, or none of the holidays - it can be a chaotic time. Seeing family, friends,...
What Song Brings A Smile To Your Face?

What Song Brings A Smile To Your Face?

I had to get ready for an important meeting today. I needed to get myself in a great frame of mind - positive and ready for what may come. I practiced yoga and meditated, but then I had a little time before the meeting, and so I decided to play a little music to...

Practicing Kindness

Practicing Kindness

I find yoga helpful as I navigate life. The Yoga Sutra of Pantanjali lists guideposts to follow to lead a decent life and achieve self-realization. Within this text, 8 limbs of yoga are described, and among them is a set of ethical disciplines, or yamas. The first...

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