Mother’s day is coming up and it has me thinking of all sorts of things… Freedom, Caring for others, Caring for yourself, and… birds.

I’m just gonna put it right here. As a mother, the pandemic has been hard. I have felt like I’ve had the opposite of freedom. Tied to my home, in my house, and being caregiver, teacher, and primary playmate to my seven year old. Oh how I really needed to find my freedom during this time.

I’m holding on to my freedom
Can’t take it from me
I was born into it
It comes naturally

– Jill Scott from the song “Golden”

I love the lyrics from the song “Golden” by Jill Scott. They remind me that I have my freedom within me, no matter how caged in I’ve felt during the pandemic.

Days and days, I would get overwhelmed by this feeling of NOT being free. So, I started doing these little short mantras, which are just words or sounds that are repeated, for my self. Quick little meditation breaks. Where I would just be quiet for a few minutes and say these phrases to myself.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • “I am calm”
  • “Clear” (like I am clearing the space in my brain and the energy in my body)
  • “Let go of expectations” (or simply just “Let go”)
  • “I am strong”
  • “I can make it through this moment”
  • “Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung” (This means Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinity, I am thou)
  • “I am love”

These have helped me find that freedom within so that I didn’t feel so bound up.

A little story for you….

On Tuesday, I was doing one of these little mantra breaks and happened to look out my window. I was delighted to see that there were two finches just outside my window – a female and male. They were a couple. They had chosen to build their nest in a hanging butterfly candle holder that I have hanging from the eaves of my house.

I watched the industry of this mother bird in particular. I watched as she brought bits of fluff and twigs to her nest. She would come back arrange it, and then fly off again. It was already pretty elaborate, so I had a feeling that these were improvements. Then, I noticed her hanging out in her nest, I couldn’t quite see the eggs from my angle, but I know they are there. The birds are taking such care of their soon to be little ones.

This made me think about my own parenting. My son started in-person school and it gave me even more of a sense of freedom. To have 2.5 hours to myself in my day – WOW. It’s given me a great feeling of lightness. I get more exercise because I jog to school for drop off and pick up. I get up earlier and feel like the day has so many possibilities. I try to use my time wisely and get at least one thing done for myself a day.

In a way… I am like that bird. Flying off from my offspring to collect things we need, allowing him space and time to develop and grow, as I have space and time to myself, but always coming back together with joy and love.

I’m still doing my mantras. Holding onto my freedom and allowing it to come naturally.

What about you? What can you do to hold onto your freedom? Perhaps try some mantras of your own. Or see what presents itself to you.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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