It’s March 11th. I’m listening to the rain fall as I type this.

It’s raining in Los Angeles. It doesn’t rain often in L.A., but it is March, so it rains more often than usual.

I am listening the rain fall. It is falling on my roof. I hear it drop. Not a light sprinkle, but a real rain. The kind of rain that washes over everything and cleanses it. Washing away dirt and grime and malodorous smells.

I welcome the rain.

I used to live in Seattle and I loved walking in the morning misty rain. A gentle tickling on your skin that left a dew on your face. The rain right now is not that. It is full force rain. Continually pouring down from the clouds. Unrelentingly saying, “Here is the water you need. Take it. Cleanse yourself, rid yourself all that isn’t needed and feel yourself new again.” I love this rain, too.

“Let the rain fall. Let the water wash over you. Let yourself be free.”

Julia Carpenter

The rain reminds me of how the earth needs water. It needs it to cleanse, but also to help bring life. It nourishes the plants & trees so that they grow healthy and strong, it nourishes animals, it nourishes us. Without water… what becomes of it all? It perishes, as would we.

If we deprive ourselves of the water we need, we start to feel sluggish & tired, our heads feel foggy & we might even get a headache. I feel so grateful to have easy access to fresh drinking water. I can easily nourish myself with water. I just took a big drink of water… I noticed how refreshing it felt as it moved through my mouth and down my throat. Ahhh.

Sitting here, listening to the rain, I’m also soothed by the sound it makes. It makes different sounds depending on where it falls. On my roof it drops, drops, drops. In the trees outside my window it is more of a constant tinkling with the occasional big drop falling down on my window sill. On the ground it is more of a plunk, plunk, plunk sound. I sit and allow all of these beautiful rain drop sounds together to penetrate my brain and it feels calmer, and my body responds with a sense of ease.

Listening to the rain, I am reminded of how water feels on my skin. How it can be cool and energizing or warm and relaxing. How I can allow myself just to marvel at the difference the flowing liquid makes as it washes over me in the shower, in the rain… or, if I use my memory and think about that time so long ago when I was in Costa Rica, standing under a waterfall and how I felt alive as the water cascaded over the rocks and then onto me, as if I, too, were part of nature. I let my tension go, and feel renewed.

Sitting and listening to the rain, I feel calmer, I feel happier, I feel more alive, and more at peace. How about you?

Immerse yourself in the rain… if only in your mind.

  • Start with drinking some water, and notice how it feels going down.
  • Then, can you imagine yourself listening to the rain drops? What do they sound like?
  • Next, can you imagine yourself standing in the rain, or under a waterfall, or in the shower? Or maybe for you, you’re in the ocean or the bath? How does it feel to allow the water to wash over you?
  • Finally, observe how you feel after you think about all of the ways water nourishes, soothes, and cleanses you.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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