“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”
-Anne Lamott

You ever notice that sometimes when you take a break, you are more energized after? More able to focus?

Even if you feel like there is too much to do, and you can’t pause.

But, if you don’t take a break, then you get exhausted, and can’t do what you need to do anyway…

This hits home.

The other day I was at a restaurant I hadn’t been to since the pandemic started and needed my phone to scan a QR code so I could read the menu (no hard copies anymore due to COVID). My phone wasn’t loading the internet…

My friend suggested that I just turn my phone off and then turn it on again…

And I thought, yeah, me too. I need to just turn off for a while to reboot.

You see, I have a lot to do lately, and I’ve been working from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep.

The other evening I was so tired that I couldn’t speak well. I literally could not form the words properly.

A real clue that I needed rest.

So, I needed to unplug. To reboot.

I gave myself a much needed break to meditate.

And, I felt refreshed.

And to be honest, I am just going to go to bed early tonight, no matter how much work needs to be done.

I need rest to function. I need to unplug for a few minutes.

Do you need to unplug, too?

Check in with yourself, and please give yourself permission to rest if you do.

Take care of you.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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