Now is the time the Oleander blooms
It must be June
I see your beauty
Fragrant blossoms so lovely
Give me your ancient wisdom
You were here even before my body ever inhabited this land
I know that it is you that I must respect
As all your parts can have great affect
Your poisonous nature reminds me to hold steady to my boundaries
My heart is full and I will always hold you in my memories

– Julia Carpenter, June 24, 2021

Lately, I have been noticing. Noticing with all of my senses. It has caused me to slow down and step outside myself. I realized I really needed this.

Sometimes when life seems overwhelming, we turn in. Our stomach churns and heart races. Our bodies directly impacted by our minds.

I’ve been feeling some big emotions lately, and while it is so necessary to see them, acknowledge them, and feel those big emotions…. I also know that I must not let them completely take me over.

I must find some equanimity within.

So, I started noticing.

I started out by walking outside. Sitting in the sun, feeling it on my skin. Listening to the birds. Allowing my sensing to tune in to what was surrounding me instead of focusing on what is churning inside me.

I went on a hike on Sunday, and I saw flowers growing on a rock – a place where you’d think they couldn’t grow. This reminded me of inner strength and resiliency and how I have it, too.

I noticed a crow sitting watch. Waiting to scavenge it’s next meal, reminding me of the cycle of life and death, and how I must live in the present.

Today, I walked my dogs and noticed the Oleanders coming into bloom. They are one of my favorite plants with beautiful flowers. Flowers that I will never pick because every part of them is poisonous. This reminded me to set boundaries with love and care… knowing I can be kind, but that I must also not forget about my self-care.

As I walked I felt myself breathing in and sighing out. It felt good to breathe the air and remember that I am alive in this moment. I breathe. I take it breath by breath. Moment by moment.

So, today… What do you notice? Perhaps step outside and see what you see.

Step outside to give yourself perspective… or perhaps just take a breath of fresh air.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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