This week, I’ve been thinking about how we talk to ourselves.

How do you talk to yourself?

Do you engage in a lot of negative self-talk? Telling yourself that no one wants to hear your ideas or what you do won’t matter, so why do anything at all?

Or do you tell yourself that you are important, that you are worth taking care of, and that what you have to share is meaningful?

Which of these sounds familiar to you?

I think most of us have a mix of both. We have good days when we are confident and hard days when we aren’t so self-assured.

Today, I want to let go of the negative self-talk and focus on what our unique gifts are.

We all have something that is uniquely ours. Something that is our own gift.

Your unique gifts make you beautiful.

-Julia Carpenter

What is something that you are good at? Something that makes you proud of yourself? Something that you know is intrinsically you?

You might think of something big… but, that you can’t do right now because of the pandemic. Let’s get rid of the “can’t do”… So, try breaking that down into parts so that it is tangible for you to access right now.

For example, one of my gifts is my ability to use touch to soothe others through my reiki practice. The pandemic makes it feel unsafe to do in-person reiki. So, I break down how I can help others into my ability to show empathy, to use my voice to help calm others, and my ability to be a good listener to help other feel heard and seen.

What is your own gift? See if you can access it right now…

  • Let go of any negative thoughts.
  • Allow your own gift to fill you up and see how it makes you feel.
  • Now, is there a way that you can allow your gift to shine this week? Do it!

If you have a moment, tell me about it! I want to hear all about your gift and how you let it shine. Add a comment to this blog and let me know.

Your gifts are some of what makes you uniquely you. Your uniqueness makes you beautiful. I want to see you shine. And, when you shine, you allow others to shine, too.

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