I have had more human interactions lately. I’ve been dipping my toes into the water – slowly getting used to being around people again. Eventually, I may jump in the pool, and be around a lot of people all at once, but I’m not there yet.

How about you? Do you feel comfortable going back out into the world? Being around other people?

As I’ve had more human interactions, I’ve noticed something.

We’ve been in solitude, or perhaps been in small groups of the same people. As we emerge from this, I noticed that people are craving more sincerity as they intermingleWhen you open the door to this sincerity, it can be magical and meaningful.

I think that many of us let things roll over us in order not to get disturbed by what’s happening in the world. The news can be heartbreaking – just thinking about things that we hear or see happening in the world can overwhelm you. But, sometimes, we take this to a very personal level.

How often do you answer, “I’m fine.” when someone asks how you are?

What if you shared how you really felt? And found empathy on the other side? Someone who listens to you? And cares about your wellbeing?

Recently, I had to take my little corgi mix to the vet for her annual check up.

I asked my vet how he was doing? And then I said, I remember how hard things were last year when the pandemic was just getting started.

And he did something novel – he answered sincerely. He had recently lost his own dog and he told me that it was weighing heavily on him. I sat and listened to him, the same way that he’s listened to me so many times as he helped me through my old lab’s illness before he died a couple years ago.

And it felt good to listen, and just be supportive. My vet doesn’t usually share like that, and at the end, he said, ‘thank you… you asked me how I was and I actually answered you.”

Later, I sent him a sympathy card, and when I had to take my cat in for his check up a couple weeks later, he told me that no one has ever done that for him before.

I was in disbelief. Really?

And it got me thinking… what has happened to people that they stopped caring about each other? Is that how we are these days?

I think we can choose how we are with each other.

We don’t need to get lost in the apathy of “thank goodness it’s not me,” “I don’t want to hear about it,” “let me get back to my own thing and just look at my device.”

I choose to listen. I choose to look the person I’m talking to in the eyes. I choose to have human connection… especially after so many months of being isolated. I crave more sincere conversations. For me, that’s part of the joy of being human.

So, I ask you, How are you?

Sincerely. How are you?

You can reply to this email, and I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Or, you can just think about it for yourself. Gently allow your true feelings to come up, and if you need to, breathe through them. Reach out to a trusted friend and talk them through if that is what you need.

Me… well, I’ve been feeling a lot lately. Some days… I just want to be like a wild horse, running free. Other days… I want to have long talks with friends and be around those who love me and that I love. Some days… I’m sad and just need a cry. Other days… I need quiet and space to think. Some days… I want to dance and play. Each day is different. Each moment is different.

And so it is….

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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