Feeling overwhelmed?

I know what that’s like. I’ve been making a lot of big choices lately. It almost seems like I have mountains to climb so that I can keep going on this path I’ve chosen.

Have you ever felt like that? Like it’s too much? Wondering how you are going to make it where you want to go?

If I look at it like that, I do feel like it is A LOT.

Instead of moving forward, I feel like it’s hard to start. It is such a big mountain to climb.

But, I took this week to pause and think about how to make it less overwhelming. More manageable.

I realized that I only have to take one step at a time on this path. When I take it moment by moment, step by step, I can reach where I want to go. I can make these big choices happen.

Just like climbing a mountain, you start by taking one step. Then another. Then another. You can see the peak of the mountain in the distance. But, each step brings you closer.

And I can take one step. And I can take one step again.

Soon, I can reach the mountain top, just taking it step by step.

So what choices have you made lately? How can you get there step by step, moment by moment? Try to keep it simple. And just keep moving forward.

Pretty soon, you might feel less overwhelmed.

You might even feel a sense of pride for how far you’ve come along your path.

You might even feel hope.

You might even make it where you are trying to go.

Believe in yourself and take it step by step.

You can do it.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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