Hello Julia,

“In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.”
– Deepak Chopra

I had been feeling encumbered by things. Weighed down by all the stuff around me and in my closets. I felt like it was a burden… all this stuff. And, it wasn’t really serving a purpose

So, I did it. I followed the advice of Marie Kondo and went through all of my things and only held on to things that sparked joy.

I donated a lot to charity and gave many things to my local Buy Nothing group.

It felt good to give away things to someone else who needed them… Clothes, furniture, housewares, all sorts of things… a lot of it I had held onto, “just in case” I might need it again, but I hadn’t needed them in 10 years, so I think I’m good.

Every time I cleared out a room, I was left with only what I needed and what felt good to have around. I noticed that Marie Kondo was right, I really felt more joyful. I also felt lighter. Yet, at the same time more grounded in myself.

That led me to want to take things one step further. What else could I release now that I had released these physical objects?

What else was cluttering up my mind, my spirit, my outlook?

So, I shifted my gaze inward and found things I didn’t need anymore.

Things I didn’t need to do, habits I wanted to let go of, even mindsets that weren’t helping me.

  • I learned that I didn’t have to take on another person’s negativity and could choose to leave that for them so that I could stay joyful.
  • I learned that I can create the habits that make me happy, like waking with the sun and gazing outside to start the day (easy to do now that I had offloaded all of my curtains) instead of gazing at my phone and my emails.
  • let go of feeling like I always had to do everything for everyone in my family (which had honestly been exhausting me for years), and made my own needs more of a priority, enabling others to do more for themselves.
  • I also made huge steps in letting go of anger when it would present itself to me. I realized I didn’t need that burden or even to dwell on the anger because it didn’t help me to be where I wanted to live emotionally.
  • let go of sarcasm because it wasn’t making me happy. I used to think being sarcastic was “cool” when I was young, but now it just felt like a bad habit I needed to let go of. I don’t need to be “cool” – I just need to be me and my true authentic self.

As I let go of each of these habits and ways of being, I found myself feeling lighter. Like I was finally free of so many self-imposed burdens. I felt like I was not only rooted and grounded in myself, but also like I could fly wherever I wanted to go.

And I still kept the habits that made me feel joyful… like yoga and meditation. I didn’t have to get rid of everything, just what didn’t “spark joy.”

What about you? What can you let go of?

Think about it, and then see if you can actually release these items… physical or mental or however they present to you in your life.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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