Halloween is just around the corner and it is reminding me of the benefits of play. What could be better than a holiday dedicated to dressing up and playing… also, there’s candy.

Did you know that playing can help your brain function better? It can also help bring you a sense of joy.

In her book, Yoga for Trauma Recovery, Lisa Danylchuk states that, “Simple joys can come from pleasurable experiences or moments of happiness, but they can also come from cultivating play, curiosity, exploration, and awe.”

Halloween is a holiday that embodies all of those things. So, as we celebrate, why don’t you get in on the action instead of just leaving it to the kids.

Danylchuk says that, “Our culture teaches adults to dismiss play as childish or silly, when in fact play is an essential part of our brain function and development.” Additionally, in the book, she quotes Dr. Dan Siegal as saying, that play is an “essential daily brain function necessary to promote healthy neaurological function across lifespan.”

So, perhaps you can incorporate play into your life to keep your brain healthy and happy.

Why not start now, either on Halloween, or in your day to day life? Where can you find moments to play?

May you find peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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