I took a week off to enjoy Spring Break with my son last week. And we really enjoyed it! We flew to the East Coast on our first flight since COVID, road on trains, road on boats, saw sites, and spent precious time with friends and family.

On our way home, our flight was delayed due to a problem with the engine. I don’t mind waiting when things are being fixed because I figure I’d rather the mechanics take their time and fix it right so that I arrive at my destination safely. But, waiting also meant our flight ended up arriving in the middle of the night West Coast time. And that meant we were tired!

We made it home and rested, but, I also had my schedule packed for my return to LA. I realized that, a couple of days in, I was still exhausted. I was having trouble thinking and accomplishing all of the things I had scheduled for myself. I needed relief from this fatigue.

As I like to do, I went back to my mindfulness practice to find relief. Here are the steps that I took. Perhaps you will find these easy practices help you feel a little more energized, too.

  • I noticed that I was tired. I took some time to notice where I was tired – my body, my muscles, my mind.
  • I gave myself a break. I compassionately allowed myself to reduce my schedule so that it wasn’t packed to give myself a little time to rest.
  • I nourished my body. I don’t drink much caffeine, but had some caffeinated tea one day this week and ending up crashing hard that night. So, I knew that I needed to be mindful about what I was putting into my body. I drank a lot of water and ate food that gave me energy – nuts, salad, and lots of vegetables paired with whole grains.
  • I took a short mindful rest. Appropriate, as Earth Day is tomorrow, I lied down on my back with my knees bent and feet flat on the floor and a little rolled blanket behind my head. This is a position know as “Constructive Rest” if you’ve ever studied Alexander Technique, which I studied years ago. I rested in this position and practiced a grounding meditation where I noticed ever point of my body that was touching the Earth below. I felt that connection and allowed myself to feel supported and held up by the Earth. I rested like this for about 15 minutes, but you could do this for between 5-20 minutes, whatever feels best to you. When I was done, I gently pushed myself up to sitting and took a deep breath.
  • I did a little exercise. After getting up, I did a few sun salutations to get the blood and oxygen flowing to my muscles and brain.

I found that by simply being mindful, compassionate, and allowing myself to rest for a few minutes, I was reinvigorated and able to think again. You may want to try this practice whenever you feel overwhelmed by fatigue.

I also want to acknowledge how grateful I am to be held up and nourished by the Earth everyday. It gives me the food and water and oxygen I need to nourish my body, it provides the shelter that I live in, and gives me a place to root myself.

Tomorrow is Earth Day, perhaps you can express your own gratitude for the Earth by doing one kind thing to nourish the Earth to thank it for nourishing you. I know I am going to!

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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