I woke the other morning, after having a very difficult conversation with my partner the day before. My partner had misinterpreted what my intention was and reacted with anger.

Have you ever done that? Said something and it got misinterpreted? Misunderstood? Sometimes communication can be hard.

So, I woke up thinking about that conversation. And I realized that I was going to a dark place, a place of sadness.

The conversation was over and actually had been resolved in a positive way, but the emotions of it were lingering with me as I started to begin my day.

As I lay there, I realized that I had a choice.

I could continue to stay in the dark place and feel bad. OR, I could make a different choice.

And I did it. Right there in that moment, I took control of my day, and chose happiness over sadness.

I told myself to look out my window because looking at nature is something I know makes me feel better. I noticed the sun shining through the trees. I took a deep breath. I got up (instead of lingering in bed) and did some yoga. I did a sun salutation and some invigorating poses to get my energy up. And I sat for a few moments at the end of my yoga practice to breathe and meditate.

Making that choice changed my day. I chose happiness.

There is a point where we can make a choice about how we want to react in the moment. If you notice yourself going to a place of anxiety, sadness, anger… a place that if you stay there your emotions might overwhelm you, see if you can pause and make a choice for something different. Make a choice for how you want to feel, where you want to be.

Once you make your choice, take actions so that you can get to that place you want to go… calm, happy, productive, etc.

The way to take those actions is to figure out what calms you when you are feeling good and in a neutral place. Figure out what makes you happy, what helps you to be productive, what helps to soothe your anger when you are not overwhelmed with emotions. That way, when those overwhelming emotions come up, you’ll be able to make a choice for happiness, and then you will be able to easily access the list of actions you need to get there because you’ve figured them out ahead of time.

This takes a little practice and forethought. But, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Start to notice where you can can make the choice when you feel those emotions coming on. It all starts by noticing, pausing, and giving yourself the power to choose.

What choices will you make today?

May your have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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