It can be so helpful to have end of year rituals to help us move from last year to the new year.

This week, let’s look at all of the things we want to let go of from 2021.

As I started to think of this question… What do I want to let go of from 2021? What do I not want to carry into 2022?… I thought about how when it rains, my son loves to watch leaves flow down the streams that are created in the gutters in the street. He joyously finds a leaf, picks it up, and just as joyously watches as it floats away, sometimes chasing after it until he loses site of it. He is just as happy to say hello to the leaf as he is to let it go.

So, I want to go into this process of letting go what we don’t need from 2021 anymore with a sense of joy.

So often, when we think about what we don’t need anymore, we lean into the negative. But, what if by finding those things that we need to release, we do so with love and joy? Grateful for what they brought us, but also grateful to be able to lovingly let them go?

So, when you have a moment, practice this short meditation.


  • Sit back and make yourself comfortable. Then, close your eyes.
  • Feel the support of the earth under you, holding you up.
  • Allow your breath to flow in and out
  • Once you’ve settled in, allow thoughts from the whole of the year to come up. Make it a broad view.
  • Then start to focus in… what would you like to leave behind from 2021? What don’t you need anymore?
  • Just allow the thoughts to come up naturally, without trying too hard or digging too deep.
  • You might be surprised at what comes up for you. Other things will be obvious.
  • As each item comes up, mentally thank it for being in your life when you needed it, or perhaps thank the item for what it taught you this year. Try to find some way to feel a sense of gratitude associated with each item, no matter how difficult or tough it was to deal with this year, or even if dealing with it made you angry or feel other hard emotions.
  • Now, lovingly let each item go.
  • As each item comes up, thank it, and let it go with love. Repeating until nothing else comes up for you.
  • Notice how you feel in your body, in your mind, and emotionally now that you’ve let these items go.
  • Feel a sense of space where these items were. Enjoy the freedom of having this space.
  • Sit as you are and send a message of love to yourself.
  • When you feel ready, open your eyes.

Now, and this step is very important, do something kind and comforting for yourself today.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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