I’m coming to you two days after the winter solstice. We have just emerged from the shortest days and longest nights. Now, the days will be longer again. It is ever shifting as the earth moves a little bit each day.

I am reminded that the balance between light and dark is always changing. It seems to mirror life. We must have the shadows in order to see the light shine brightly. We cannot always be in light, we also have times when we feel like we are in the dark, or like we are in the shadows.

The holidays seem like a time when this balance can be strained. Sometimes we are feeling bright, with “holiday cheer.” Other times, the holidays bring about extreme melancholy and fatigue. You can even feel these extremes in the same day or moment. I know I’ve been going back and forth between these extremes a lot lately.

How do you balance yourself when you constantly feel pulled between the light and shadows? Between day and night?

Try allowing the dark and light to mirror each other. So, that you can come closer to the middle place, grounded and stable. If you need it, give yourself a little break in the middle of it all. You deserve it.

Breathe. Take a step back. Notice what is surrounding you. Notice the sensations within yourself.

The darkness helps us to appreciate the light when it comes with it’s shiny energy.

The light helps us understand that we need the darkness to help us pause and slow down and rest.

May you have a peaceful holiday season.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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