Today, I am contemplating getting from here to there.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
– Lao Tzu

Last weekend, I started graduate school. It’s a program where I go to campus once a month for classes.

While I was there, I walked through a little labyrinth maze that was in the woods on the property.

I started to think about how life is like a maze. We have goals and things we want to do. We get sidetracked and have all sorts of experiences on the way. We may switch directions and choose another path at any time, .

The maze reminded me that I am allowed to take my time and follow my intuition as I follow the path.

The maze reminded me that sometimes there will be difficulties. I might feel lost. I might feel like I will never get out of a hard situation or recover from a traumatic experience. Yet, if I listen within, the way through is there.

The hardest part for me is slowing down and giving myself time. For example, when my marriage ended and I moved, I wanted to be in my new place and be on my way. My thinking brain said, “Woo hoo! Anything is possible now!” Yet, my physical body said, “You know what, I need to rest for a while.” I learned that I had to allow myself time to release the relationship and the expectations I had held for so long. I had to let go of that former identity in order to embrace who I was evolving into. I listened to my body, and that took some time. But, I am glad I did because now I am stronger. I have a greater understanding of what makes up who I am and the energy that I will allow into my space.

Here I find myself in the middle of a maze.
I am not afraid.
For I know that within myself is the way.
The crow flies by.
So, too the yellow butterflies.
The hawks three circle.
The fly says hello to my eye.
The ant crawls upon my foot.
Yet here I stand,
Knowing I am all things.

– Julia Carpenter

How do you feel when you slow down to listen to not only what your brain is telling you, but also your body? How hard is it for you to slow down? Are you able to listen to your own gut-feeling or intuition?

You may want to try taking a few moments to breath slowly. Then, notice what your body is telling you when you think about your options. Start slow, just a minute or two to check in. Eventually, you might be able to find your way out of the maze just by listening to yourself.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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