What is that little voice in your head telling you today?

Is it helpful or is it bringing you down?

Do you have an inner critic that won’t let up?

We all have these moments where we get caught in negative thoughts. It can be easy to get into a defeatist cycle, especially when we are stressed or a task at hand feels daunting.

If you are weighed down by negative self-talk, I have a way that might help you get a new perspective and quiet that voice.

Start now, when you are neutral and not hearing that voice.

  • Look around your home and on your person.
    • Find something that makes you smile, brings you joy, or has meaning to you. It can be a stone you picked up on a walk, a piece of jewelry, a picture, anything that you look at and feel good.
    • Notice how you feel in your body and mind when you think about that item.
    • Make a note to yourself to remember that item and how it makes you feel. You may even choose to carry it with you.
  • Notice when you are saying negative things to yourself. The first step is always to notice.
    • Ask yourself to pause.
    • Take a breath.
  • Think about that item that you picked out earlier that makes you feel good. Bring those positive feelings back into your mind and body. If you have it with you, look at it or hold it.
    • See if that helps to make those negative thoughts go away.
  • Now, let’s help you continue towards a path of positivity.
    • Next, look around you.
    • Take a breath.
  • What do you see around you? If you are having trouble with this task, you may want to step outside and look at nature.
    • What do you notice that brings you joy?
    • What do you notice that seems fascinating?
    • Maybe it’s something you never noticed before, like that patterns in your hardwood floor or the colors in a picture on your wall.
    • If you are outside, the simple yet complex beauty of a leaf, the light from the sun, the shape of a cloud…. it could be anything that touches you and fills you with a sense of awe.
  • Then, take a breath, and notice how you feel. Do you feel better? Is that little voice inside yourself quiet now?

The other day, I was driving and noticed that I could see the moon above the mountains in the daytime. I felt awe. I felt so happy to be alive in that moment. It removed all of the busy negative inner dialogue that I had been previously having with myself and brought a sense of happiness. I was so grateful that this feeling of awe took me away from the negative self-talk.

If you find you are having trouble, I urge you to release your own self-judgement, and practice. Every time you practice finding awe around you, you are practicing taking care of yourself and giving yourself more strength to combat that harsh inner critic.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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