I’m feeling very grateful today. Grateful for my health. Sometimes I take for granted the simple act of breathing. But, last week my family finally got Covid after avoiding it for the two and a half years that this pandemic has been happening.

I was feeling powerless about being sick. I had taken all of the precautions – vaccinated and masking. And so, I wrote a little poem to help me process my feelings around having Covid.

I avoided you
For so long
Kept you away
My face covered
Even when they said it was okay
You finally visited me
My kid brought you home
It was out of my control
You made me tired
So very tired
You made me sad
I cried and cried
With no idea why
Then I found out
You inflamed my brain
You were pretty sneaky
But I’m getting better now
The fog is lifting
I can think again
I’m happy again
I can sleep through the night again
Soon you will just be a memory
And I will still be grateful
That you left and I am still here

Sometimes the simple act of writing things out can help give me a new perspective. It helped me realize how much I have to be grateful for. It also helped me realize that I can control my outlook and how I react to things.

According to GreaterGood.Berkeley.Edu, writing can help us to organize our thoughts and examine them from a distance. It helps us understand our experiences in a new way and give us a sense of control.

What about you? We each have our own story to tell. What is your story?

Is there something that is frustrating you? Or, like me, something that you feel powerless about?

Maybe writing it out will help you? You could write a poem, free write for 5 minutes, or even do a word cloud listing all the words come to mind when you think about the problem you are trying to solve.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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