Sometimes we get mired in the story of our trauma.

We focus on having to fix all these different parts of ourselves. It’s like we get trapped in it.

It’s time to allow yourself to see beauty within and without.

I was reminded of this the other day when I took a walk with a friend through Descanso Gardens, a botanical garden located just north of Los Angeles. There were so many flowers in bloom. My friend commented about how just a month ago, there were just green leaves, and no flowers. You wouldn’t know the colors that were about to display themselves a month later. They had been waiting all winter for the right moment to show themselves.

Seeing these beautiful flowers reminded me that life can be so beautiful.

It was also a reminder that we all have beauty within.

Is it time to show your beauty? Have you been hiding it all winter, too?

How can you share all of the gifts that you possess with the world?

Perhaps a smile to a person that you pass by? Perhaps a kind word to a friend? Perhaps you just listen when someone needs to be heard?

How can you allow the beauty that surrounds you in?

Perhaps you just go outside and notice the life that has begun to sprout around you and let that beauty affect you? Do you feel a bit of joy? Maybe a little hope?

Do you forget about all the things that weight you down? Even just for a moment?

Sending you wishes for a beautiful springtime. May you feel renewed.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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