I took the week off from my blog last week because I was moving. This was the culmination of big changes that I initiated in my life months and months ago.

I’ll admit, at first it was scary. But, making these changes was a true example of taking my yoga practice off my mat and into my daily life.

I used my practice to help me breathe through each step, be patient, be kind, and be compassionate while still taking action moment by moment.

You may remember that I prepped and then sold my house last summer/fall/winter. Step by step fixing things that needed fixing and making my house into it’s best self. I loved that house and lived there for a decade. It was in an idyllic setting, surrounded by lush trees. It took courage to let go of the idea of that being my forever home.

I had to release attachment to so many things last year. My home, my relationship, and the parts of my identity that were linked to these things. I did it step by step. Doing it this way allowed me to harness my own strength and courage. Each time I made it through a step, I felt stronger and more courageous.

Until here I am now. I have moved into a sweet apartment with my son. We are still unpacking, and I laugh at the mountain of boxes that surrounds me, even though I had let so many physical objects go. I am reminded of the impermanence of things and what truly matters to me.

I am astounded at how easily I already feel at home in my new place. I have a sense of hope and freedom that I haven’t felt in years. I am trusting that I will be provided for and that my work will reach even more souls that need it. I am feeling good. I’m also still feeling strong and courageous. I am grateful that I had the courage to make these changes.

So, what change do you want to accomplish?

  • Is it time for you to begin your journey towards something you’ve been afraid to change?
  • Think about each little step it will take to get there.
  • And as you complete each step, notice if you feel a little more courageous.
  • Notice if you feel your own inner strength grow.

You can do it. Believe in yourself.

And every once in a while, remind yourself to breathe and laugh along the way.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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