I just had my birthday, and came upon this quote…

3 things to be grateful for:

the person you are becoming
how far you have come
what you already have


Reading this quote allowed me to step back and think about where my path has taken me so far, where I am at, and contemplate where it might take me in the future.

This reminded me of the mindful attitude of acceptance.

I’m not talking about being accepted by others, rather acceptance of yourself, your circumstances, and things as they are in the present moment. How beautiful to be able to breathe in and acknowledge this moment – there is all that has led to it and all that will come – but this moment is precious and beautiful just as it is.

When I accept, I see where I am.

Maybe I am full of emotion. I accept it as part of who I am. I am human, and I am emotional. I also know as I accept it, this storm of emotion will also pass and be released.

Just like the breath, I accept the inhalation, and release in the exhalation.

How about you? Try this practice:

  • Notice how far you have come.
  • Notice what you have in this moment.
  • Notice who you are becoming.
  • Then, offer acceptance to all of these parts of yourself as you journey forward on your path.

Moment by moment, breath by breath.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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