Have you ever had a great day and felt heroic? Have you ever had a bad day and felt totally defeated?

I have.

I thought about how I hold my body when I am feel strong and powerful versus when I am feeling week and tired. I realized it’s all in how I stand.

When I do my yoga practice in the morning, I start out in Tadasana, which means Mountain Pose in Sanskrit.

drawing o f a woman standing with her hands by her sides

When I get into this pose, I pay attention to how I am standing:

  • Feet balanced on the ground, with the weight evenly distributed, hip distance apart.
  • Hips in line with ankles – in the middle, not shifted to one side or the other.
  • Shoulders over the hip, with my shoulder blades sliding down my back.
  • Hands by my side, palms facing forward, with my thumb slightly back.
  • Ears lined up over the shoulders, with the head back (the opposite of “tech neck”).
  • Head held high, without my chin jutting out or pulling down.

When stand in this pose, I notice that I immediately take a deep breath and slow exhale. The way I am holding my body allows me to take in more oxygen. I can feel this oxygen nourish my body and begin to clear my brain.

I feel my feet grounded and connected to the earth, which allows me to feel supported.

I feel my head rising toward the sky, tall like a mountain.

I feel steady, open, and empowered.

Indeed, I feel like my own superhero.

“…standing defects tell upon the spinal column which in turn affects the mind. So, for an alert body and an alert mind and brain, Tadasana is very useful.”
_Geeta S. Iyengar, Yoga A Gem For Women

I decided to take this pose and the feeling it elicits from my yoga practice into my daily life. If I notice that I feel closed off, sad, or that my energy is low, I check-in with how I am holding my body. Then, I take a moment to change the way that I hold my body to help change my mood.

Then, I take it a step further. I think, “I am my own superhero. And, if I am my own superhero, how do I take care of myself? What do a do to nourish my body and soul?”

It is working for me. I feel stronger, more focused, and I’ve noticed that my posture is improving. This super hero mindset is also helping me to eat better and have a more positive attitude throughout my day.

You may have noticed that I’ve been taking it back to basics lately to help manage trauma. Paying attention to how you stand may seem pretty simple – like a little change. Sometimes, its the little changes that can make a difference. The little changes can help you on your path towards healing.

So, how about you? Maybe you could try standing in Tadasana as your own super hero and see how it makes you feel, too.

May you have peace within,

Julia anjali mudra hands

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